Stone Ice Cubes (Set of 9)



• Set of nine stone ice cubes
• Chill beverages without diluting their flavor
• Store the reusable cooling stone cubes in the freezer
• Perfect for serving at parties and a great gift choice

Product Description

Tired of watering down your favorite beverage with regular ice cubes? Not keen on cutesy plastic ice cubes? These gray cooling stone cubes sit in your freezer till you're ready to cool down your soup or coffee, give white wine a better chill, or create a base for some excellent scotch or bourbon. The eco-friendly stones are dishwasher-safe and work best with 2- to 3-ounce drinks.

These stones cool quickly without diluting the flavor of your favorite drink. Easy to clean and 100% recyclable, simply leave the stones in the freezer for a few hours to chill, add them to your favorite liquid, and in 5 minutes enjoy a perfectly refreshing sip. These whiskey stones are safe for any drink and retain their ideal temperature for the duration.