Smartphone Wallet


If you keep a wallet to secure your valuables, why not for one of the most expensive items you carry all the time? – Your Smartphone! This innovative wallet will keep your device safe and clean, while allowing you to carry some additional stuff like, cash or cards. Make it yours in the color of choice from Coffee, Canary Yellow or Light Pink.



  • Front portion of purse has 2 spaces that can hold credit cards, money, , driver's license/ID card, photos.
  • Zippered area has 2 compartments that are 5'' W and almost 3'' H for holding credit cards, money, rewards cards, keys, driver's license/ID card, photos, compact makeup, slim compact mirrors
  • Separated sections for your cards and phone keep your cards from demagnetization
  • Earphone can be inserted in the phone without removing it from the clutch
  • Colours Available: Light Pink, Canary Yellow, Teal, Orange, Light blue
  • Opening for phone is 5.25'' W and almost 3'' H
  • Each space is 5.25'' * 2''
  • Measures: 5.8''  * 3.8'' H
  • Materials: Faux leather
  • Weight: 102 grams
  • Snap closure.